WHECO World Wide Services completed a machine down repair on the Sennebogen 870 that is shown here working at a rail facility in the Western United States. This High Duty Cycle unit was disassembled at the worksite and relocated to the nearest WHECO location for repair.

During the facilities routine maintenance inspection of the 870, the machines rotation bearing was found to have damage to the bearing drive surface and the bearing required replacement. The unit was taken out of service and a new bearing placed on order by the WHECO parts department.

The 120-ton rail unit was disassembled onsite, removing the upper works and the 24 Meter Boom Assembly in preparation for transport. The unit was transported to the nearest WHECO repair facility. The bearing replacement was completed in one week, not including the teardown, reassembly, and transportation. Bearing bolts and central grease lines were also replaced during the bearing installation, and the swing motor was inspected and tested prior to recommissioning of the Sennebogen.

The Sennebogen 870M is one of many models that WHECO Worldwide Services has the capabilities to service and repair.