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Grove TMS 900E Crane Repair

This Grove TMS 900E was involved in a highway accident. The crane did not overturn but ran off the road causing extensive damage to the underside of the carrier, with some additional damage to the upper. A comprehensive survey and inspection was done to assess the extent of the damage. A subsequent detailed scope of [...]

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Demag Crane Repair / Terex-Demag CC1500

A new Demag CC1500 was damaged in transport while being delivered to the customer. The repair scope of work included structural repairs to the superstructure and mast, rewiring the electrical/electronic system, cab damage and cosmetic sheet metal repairs.

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Terminator 3 Crane Repair – Demag AC395

The crane was heavily damaged on set of Terminator 3 before filming was complete. According to International Cranes and Transport Magazine, the crane sustained damage during a practice run. While the driver was not injured the crane required major repairs after being flipped and rolled.

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Repairing Aging and Obsolete Crane Boom

WHECO was given the challenge to provide repairs to an older Lima boom tip section that was damaged as the result of a two-blocking accident. Since this was an out of production component WHECO provided and engineered repair to restore the boom tip to its original design

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PROJECTS: Complete Turn-Key Repair of Demag AC180 All-Terrain Crane

This accident-damaged Demag AC180 all-terrain crane was repaired at WHECO’s Aiken, SC, facility. The extensive repairs included frame and superstructure work, complete electrical rework, structural repairs to the hydraulic boom, and repairs to the telescopic cylinder. Repairs completed by WHECO carry a warranty that—in many cases—surpasses commercial standards and/or the original manufacturer’s specifications.  

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