Manitowoc Crane Inspection

WHECO Houston was contacted recently by a major crane rental company in Houston, Texas for repair work on their Manitowoc 888. During the site visit WHECO was shown a side panel and battery box door which was dented and bent on the crane. The rental company explained that their customer  had installed and used an auger on the Manitowoc 888. During the installation or use of this auger the panels had been damaged.  In an effort to save the crane company money and expedite putting the crane back on rent, WHECO proposed to remove the side panel and battery door then repair and reinstall the pieces on the crane.

Fixing the Manitowoc

The crane company wanted this done on the job site which WHECO was happy to accomodate using our field technicians.  WHECO technicians went to the job site and removed the damaged side panel and battery box door.  To remove these two items some of the other side panels had to be removed.  The repair technicians then returned to the Houston shop to continue the repairs. WHECO technicians separated and removed the side panel, battery box door and the door hinge.  The technicians made a jig to conform to the curvature of the battery box door and panel. Then used a 100 ton press to bring it back to like new condition.

Finish and installation

At the WHECO Houston shop all components were reinstalled and repainted customer colors.  The completed assembly was then returned to the job site and installed on the Manitowoc 888. Our Houston shop is proud to be able to help a customer with any project big or small.


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