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Home Sweet Home

WHECO relocates to 43,868 sq. ft. Facility located at 9835 Santa Fe Springs Rd., Santa Fe Springs (SFS), California. In 2001 WHECO vacated this very same location and conducted business just a few miles away off of Warm Springs Rd. in SFS, but when the opportunity arose to return to the beautiful facility, it was [...]

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Use Caution When Buying Used Crane Boom

We frequently receive calls asking us if we have any used crane boom for sale. Our standard response is to ask if they have retained the damaged crane boom section(s) that they are trying to replace. We do that because we want to make sure that a certified boom repair option for the damaged crane boom has been given full consideration and taken off the table before we offer our observations…

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How Crane Recovery Can Reduce Your Crane Insurance Premiums

One way to help mitigate the loss exposure is through the crane accident recovery process. When a crane turns over and the boom is lying across a jobsite, or worse, across someone’s backyard, most owners first reaction is to get the site cleaned up as quickly as possible. Crane company owners get worried about bad press and people talking. General contractors start screaming…

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