Structural Repair by Dave Wood AC&T 12/2020

WHECO's own Dave Wood discusses why structural repair requires stringent processes and consistent procedures in the December 2020 American Cranes & Transport magazine. WHECO found itself part of the lifting equipment business almost 30 years ago when it had some structural work performed by a third party on a crane it was repairing for a [...]

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All The Bits And Pieces

This article appeared in the May-June Issue of Access, Lift & Handlers and feeatures insight from WHECO company President David Wood. This article along with many others can be found at   As technology changes every aspect of our lives, we must be willing to adapt and change with the times.   Dave Wood, president [...]

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Can-do leadership

WHECO President Dave Wood stands in front of a 1940s-era Badger crane that was used in a rock quarry near WHECO's headquarters in Richland, WA. WHECO has five U.S.-based facilities and one in the Marshall Islands. WHECO has been a major player in the product support realm of cranes for many years, and yet the [...]

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Crane Almost Misses Starring Role in Terminator 3 “Machines” Movie!

Chase scenes are among the most entertaining aspects of action movies, and movie makers work diligently to “one-up” each other to create spectacular chases that involve rapidly moving vehicles, stunning crashes, and explosions. Such was the case with last summer’s “Terminator III – Rise of the Machines” movie, which featured a remarkable chase scene involving [...]

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