Damaged Crane Boom in yard  

We frequently receive calls asking us if we have any used crane boom for sale. Our standard response is to ask if they have retained the damaged crane boom section(s) that they are trying to replace. We do that because we want to make sure that a certified boom repair option for the damaged crane boom has been given full consideration and taken off the table before we offer our observations about the challenges of buying used crane boom. A repair can often be considered better than new.

Most often, the caller assumes that the boom section is not reparable because they have already contacted and been told by the OEM that the damaged section(s) need to be replaced with new. The subsequent call to us is usually the result of the customer finding out the cost and lead time of the replacement boom. The ensuing “sticker shock” has an amazing effect on people, and can motivate them to look for a more time and cost effective alternative to the new replacement. Unfortunately, and all too often, it leads them to make unsafe decisions. Finding used boom becomes their next consideration. If we are fortunate enough to receive the call, then we are generally able to help educate them on the benefits of considering a repair option.

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Once we have eliminated the repair option, we offer the following insight into buying used crane boom: It is absolutely essential that you know and trust the source. The seller should know and be able to provide the history and pedigree of the crane boom that they are selling. If you are buying from someone who owns or once owned the crane, that is a favorable situation. If, however, you are buying boom from a used boom supplier, then chances are you are buying a repaired boom. Most of these companies will offer you a used boom, and as part of the transaction, will also want to take your damaged section in on trade. They do this to acquire the terminations and perhaps some usable material. Your damaged crane boom is then repaired and offered again up for sale. Remember, the boom you are offering up as a core exchange is the same boom you have already been told is not reparable. You should insist on knowing if any repair was done to the boom that you are purchasing, and demand documentation detailing how the boom was repaired. Download our whitepaper on protecting yourself by demanding proper documentation.

So, our recommendation is to tread lightly when looking for used boom. Your first option should always be to explore a repair option using a reputable structural repair services provider. Your second consideration should be to replace with new. The final option would be to find a used boom, but not without knowing the history and securing the proper documentation.