As an industry leader in engineered structural crane repair and restoration, WHECO has been profiled in a number of leading industry periodicals. Below are some recent features from Crane Hot Line, International Cranes and Specialized Transport, CraneWorks and other publications.

WHECO President Dave Wood stands in front of a 1940 era Badger crane tht was used in a rock quarry near WHECO's headquarters in Richland, WA. WHECO has five U.S.-based facilities and one in the Marshall Islands.

Can-do leadership

Dave Wood discusses how WHECO built its global reputation repairing and restoring cranes and other construction equipment

WHECO has been a major player in the product support realm of cranes for many years, and yet the company’s management team spends a lot of time explaining what they do. But when it comes time to repair an accident-damaged crane or restore and give new life to an older unit, WHECO is most often… Read More


WHECO appoints new Business Development Manager

Scott Suemori joined the WHECO Management Team in January 2014.  Scott brings with him 24 years of combined experience in business management and construction sales. Scott began his crane industry career in 1989 in the rental department of Coast Crane Company of Washington and soon relocated and opened the Pasco branch in 1992.  Scott had… Read More


Standfast USA Signs Aftermarket Dealer Agreement with WHECO for TRAM Fall Restraint Systems

“While we are working with the OEMs to make our systems available factory direct, we also needed a way to address the aftermarket for existing cranes that don’t currently meet the OSHA standards” said Cameron Baker, CEO of Standfast.  “WHECO was the logical choice. WHECO has over 33 years of experience working on all types,… Read More

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Understanding customer needs is vital in crane refurbishment and repair

Via International Cranes and Specialized Transport March 2012

Wheco Corporation in the USA sees many lattice, hydraulic boom and jib repairs through its workshops, with structural repairs being its speciality. “Increasingly though, customers are coming to understand that we can repair even the most heavily damaged components, including outrigger boxes and beams, as well as superstructures and frames,” says Jay Shiffler, Wheco vice president.

Read the Original: International Cranes and Specialized Transport March 2012

Champion Crane Terminator 3

Crane almost misses starring role in Terminator 3 “machines” movie!

Chase scenes are among the most entertaining aspects of action movies, and movie makers work diligently to “one up” each other to create spectacular chases that involve rapidly moving vehicles, stunning crashes and explosions. Such was the case with last summer’s “Terminator III – Rise of the Machines” movie, which featured a remarkable chase scene… Read More

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