WHECO is the Authorized Distributer/Installer in North America for TRAM and offers full TRAM installation and servicing on both new and older cranes and other types of equipment as may be required. The TRAM is a proven Fall Prevention and Protection System with thousands of units installed worldwide. It is now available for Rough Terrain, All Terrain, Lattice, Duty Cycle and Bridge Cranes. In addition the systems can be installed on most any other type of equipment, construction project or existing facility that requires employee access where there is a danger of falling. The TRAM system provides fall restraint or arrested protection as well as an integrated, adjustable handhold for both stability and confidence. TRAM and WHECO Engineers can design the system that is right for your requirement.


  • Protects both operators and mechanics during rigging or maintenance activities whose locations are accessed from the counterweight or elevated location.
  • Secures user during dangerous access/egress at the ladder-to-platform transition.
  • Handhold at height provides a feeling of safety and stability.
  • Eliminates requirement for second worker onsite when used as a fall restraint device.


  • Exceeds fall protection standards worldwide.
  • Flexible solution – the TRAM system has many different variants that allow it to be configured to meet your specific needs.
  • All weather durability allows for installation and usage in climates around the world.


  • Flexible installation methods – TRAM system can be field installed using bolted, welded, or bonded mounts.
  • Installation assistance available – The Standfast – WHECO Team can install your system or can train your personnel to install.


TRAM is the only system available that combines all of the following:

  • Field-tested and proven design for maximum safety and performance on all crane types including rough terrain, all terrain, lattice and bridge.
  • Can be installed on most all types of equipment
  • Can be adapted to any situation where fall prevention with mobility is desired, such as new construction projects or existing facility maintenance.
  • Exceeds fall protections standards worldwide.
  • Secures user during dangerous access/egress at ladder-to-platform transition.
  • Installation utilizing bonded, welded or clamped connections to limit downtime.
  • Low profile in stowed position to facilitate road travel.
  • All weather durability allows for installation and usage in climates around the world.

Certification and Testing

The TRAM range of products has been tested to and conforms with the relevant fall restraint and fall arrest testing requirements of:

  • ANSI/ASSE Z359.1
  • EN795
  • AS/NZA 1891.1

Additional information is available from WHECO upon request.

Field Demonstration units that allow a hands on experience available by appointment.

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