WHECO can repair and remanufacture your hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinder shop is fully integrated and includes an 80′ cylinder assembly and disassembly table. We have the ability to do large and small bore, long and short stroke, standard and metric design and multi-stage telescopic. We work on all types of cylinders including luffing, hoist, crowd, telescope, and outrigger. Read some of our tips to consider with hydraulic cylinder repair and replacement.

Rough machining an AC395 telescope tube



  • New barrel manufacturing – inch and metric
  • New rod manufacturing – inch and metric
  • Rod straightening and repair
  • Piston, gland & termination repair and manufacturing
  • Standard and metric threading


  • 80′ Cylinder Disassembly/Assembly Table
  • 21″x120″ Acra Lathe
  • 24″x156″ Marathon Lathe
  • 25″x84″ Lodge Shipley 8 7/8″ Hollow Spindle Lathe
  • 42″x480″ Porebra 12 1/2″ Hollow Spindle Lathe
  • 50″x10″ Lagun Vertical Milling Machine
  • 6’x15″ American Hole Wizard Radial Arm Drill Press
  • 30” Welding Positioner
  • 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Power Unit for testing
  • 20, 50, 100, 200 Ton Press Frame Assemblies










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