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Sennebogen 870 Rail Repair

WHECO World Wide Services completed a machine down repair on the Sennebogen 870 that is shown here working at a rail facility in the Western United States. This High Duty Cycle unit was disassembled at the worksite and relocated to the nearest WHECO location for repair. During the facilities routine maintenance inspection of the 870, the machines rotation bearing was found to have damage to the bearing drive surface and the bearing required replacement. The unit was taken out of service and a new bearing placed on order by the WHECO parts department. The 120 ton rail unit was disassembled on site, removing the upper works and the 24 Meter Boom Assembly in preparation...

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WHECO Richland: Manitowoc Cab Repair

One of WHECO’s customers had an incident where the cab on their crane was severely damaged on a project.  The cab was actually ripped from the superstructure causing damage not only to the cab but to all the wiring and hydraulic components that attached to the cab. The lead time to order a new cab was such that they contacted WHECO for help. The cab and superstructure were shipped to WHECO’s Richland facility where each part from the damaged cab was removed and assessed to determine whether it was suitable for reuse or if a new piece from the...

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WHECO Richland, WA – Liebherr HS 883 HD Crane

In the late fall of 2013, WHECO was approached by one of its good national customers about performing a SLEP (Service Life Extension Project) program to one of its duty cycle machines. WHECO’s team took on the challenge and immediately set out to perform a site inspection of the machine.  From that inspection and several conversations with the customer, WHECO was able to jointly develop a custom Scope of Work tailored to the machine and the customer’s requirements.  When the initial SOW was agreed upon, the machine was shipped to WHECO’s Richland, Washington Crane Service Center where it is...

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WHECO Richland: Antique Crane

WHECO’s latest SLEP project is a Badger Crane/Shovel manufactured by Austin Western in the 1930s and 1940s. If you would like to see a similar unit in operation, search Badger Austin Western and you will see one in a shovel configuration working. This crane was actually a working yard crane up into the 1980s and spent most of its life in Southeastern Washington State. Not sure when we will get to this one but check back from time to time for updates!          ...

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400-Ton Barge Crane – Seattle and Sante Fe Springs (Los Angeles)

One of WHECO’s national customers contacted our Santa Fe Springs (“SFS”) facility about performing some site work on its 400-ton barge mounted crane and fabricating a new fifty foot section of boom which was no longer available.  This was so they could equip the crane with 260 foot of boom.  To help expedite the project, WHECO suggested performing the boom fabrication portion at its Seattle, Washington facility with the onsite barge work handled out of the SFS facility.  All engineering and drawings were supplied by the customer. WHECO SFS performed the upgrade modifications to the existing base which involved...

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