Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:The manufacturer has recommended that I replace a structural component, but I think that it can be fixed. Will WHECO stand behind their repair?
  • A:Yes. WHECO provides documentation for all engineered repairs and a structural warranty. We are also fully insured and bondable
  • Q:I have been told that the damage to my crane is too extensive and cannot be repaired. Is it worth getting a second opinion?
  • A:Yes. WHECO can offer repair proposals on even the most heavily damaged equipment. It is a good practice to consider and compare repair costs vs. replacement costs. WHECO can help you make an informed decision.
  • Q:Is it cost effective to consider WHECO if we have to ship equipment long distances?
  • A:With 5 facilities in the U.S. most often the freight not an issue. However, for even remote equipment the answer is yes. Our cost-effective repairs combined with local sales tax savings most often offset shipping costs.
  • Q:Can WHECO perform repairs at remote locations?
  • A:Yes. There are unique jobs that may require us to provide on-site repairs, and we have mobile facilities and personnel capable of working at remote locations. We recently performed a structural repair for a major contractor on a Manitowoc 2250 Maxer on-site in the Andes in Chile.
  • Q:Will my insurance company pay for repairs performed by WHECO?
  • A:Yes. WHECO has over 31 years of providing insured repairs, and we are a preferred provider for most major insurance companies.
  • Q:I have an older crane that was involved in an accident. Many of the parts and components are out of production. How is WHECO going to get the work done?
  • A:WHECO is very resourceful. We always prefer to source parts from the OEM when available. However, we can and do source parts and components worldwide and also have the equipment and resources to engineer and manufacture or fabricate those obsolete or long-lead time items. Further we offer a comprehensive warranty.
  • Q:My crane is getting older and I cannot afford to replace it. Can WHECO help me extend the productive life of my crane?
  • A:Yes. WHECO provides both SLEP (Service Life Extension Programs) and full restoration services. WHECO can provide a repair or restoration to suit the scope of your specific requirements.
  • Q:I am looking for a used boom. Does WHECO supply reconditioned or aftermarket parts, components and weldments?
  • A:No. WHECO provides proprietary repair and restoration services for each job. Our services are designed to complement the traditional manufacturer and distributor product support services.
  • Q:Can WHECO make repairs to all makes and models of cranes?
  • A:Yes, our expertise extends to all manufacturers, types, makes and models.
  • Q:Does WHECO only provide repairs for damaged booms?
  • A:No. WHECO has the facilities and capability to repair all structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical damaged components. Our full turn-key repair service capabilities are what sets WHECO apart.
  • Q:Does WHECO guarantee that my crane can be recertified?
  • A:Yes. WHECO guarantees that all of our repairs are OSHA, Cal-OSHA, ANSI and AWS compliant and that your crane will be certified by a third-party licensed crane certifier.
Repair and Restoration