OSHA is often cited, but frequently misunderstood when it comes to structural crane repairs and component replacement. OHSA has issued letters of interpretation regarding crane repairs when performed or supplied by persons other than the original equipment manufacturer. Like repairs to other consumer, commercial and industrial equipment, compliance with federal, state and local laws and requirements must be met and maintained but are not proprietary to the OEM or their distributors and agents. Recent changes in the OSHA Standard serve to reconfirm OSHA’s position regarding repairs under the old 1926.550.  In the new standard, OSHA is very careful to distinguish between “modified equipment” and “repaired/adjusted equipment”.  The following are links to the U.S. Department of Labor standard interpretation letter that addresses the issue of repairs versus modifications, as well as the new OSHA Standard.

New OSHA Crane & Derricks in Construction Standard 1926.1412 – Inspection: