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BLOG: Traylor Bros WHECO Testimonial

Thad Pirtle, Vice President of Traylor Bros. talks about the repairs that WHECO Worldwide Services did on his Manitowoc 4100 Butt Sections.

welding lattice crane boom

BLOG: Crane Repair and Refurbishment: High grade

While repairing booms by welding in a new section was relatively easy on older cranes, on the modern generation of machines things are less straightforward. Gone are the old mild steel box section telescopic booms and in their place are half-round…

p&h conventional truck crane restoration

BLOG: Conventional Truck Crane Restoration: For Those Who Need to Stay Mobile

If you are keeping up with our blog you will see that this is the fourth in a series of blog posts about service life extension/restoration projects for cranes.  We have written about crawler, RT and cab down cranes and it was time to do one for conventional truck cranes.  So, it is not a… Read More

Welding damaged crane boom

BLOG: The Right Crane Damage Mentality | Think Repair

By Jay Shiffler If from the start, you never think of a damaged crane part or component as being reparable then you are likely never to consider a repair option.  Historically, is has been ingrained into our thinking that structurally damaged cranes and crane components are not safe to repair.  For decades, the manufacturers have… Read More

Cab Down Crane Restoration

BLOG: Cab-Down Crane Restoration | Consider the Options

The cab-down crane has long been used as an application specific crane. However, with the market being relatively small most of the manufacturers have ceased production of these cab-down units. Despite this, there has remained a pretty steady demand for good used or restored cab-down machines.

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