WHECO has completed numerous upgrade and re-power projects in various types of equipment over the past decade. Today, the complexity of an engine conversion is not the same from just a few years ago when the emissions standards were much different. On May 11, 2004, EPA signed the final rule introducing Tier 4 emission standards, which have been phased-in over the period of 2008-2015. The Tier 4 Final standards require that emissions of Particulate Matter and Nitrous Oxide be further reduced by about 90%. Such emission reductions are achieved through the use of control technologies—including advanced exhaust after treatment. Over the past twelve months WHECO Corporation has successfully completed two Tier 4 Engine conversions, one located in California and the other in Washington State.

One particular hurdle in replacing a Tier 3 or older engine to a Tier 4 was engine compartment space. With the incorporation of more advanced pretreatment and exhaust after treatment systems the required engine footprint has grown dramatically. The additional exhaust sensory components alone consumed any available compartment space. The WHECO Team through collaboration with team members, engineering and engine manufactures have been successful in resolving the space issues without compromising the effectiveness and output of the systems.


Before 888

After 888

Another modification was the engine cooling requirements, the cranes cooling systems were completely redesigned to accommodate the new Tier 4 engines. In addition, DEF tank and the necessary plumbing were all new components to the cranes original configuration.

One of WHECO’s “Power Up” project began in spring of 2015 at our facility in Santa Fe Springs California on a 1985 Manitowoc 4000W Crane. The crane owner requested a new Tier 4F Cummins Model QSL9 engine compliant with California requirements replace the original Cummins Model NTA 855 engine.

The second and most recent project is projected to be completed in July 2016 is the “Power UP” of a Manitowoc 888 crawler crane, replacing the original M11-C

Cummins Engine with a new 333 HP, QSL9P Tier 4 Final compliant system. We worked very close with the Cummins Engineers before and after the installation. The space available is very limited on this model of crane. It is very time consuming to fit all the components to have it look and operate correctly.

In summary, both “Power Up” projects above were required to be CARB Compliant to continue to work in the State of California. To the best of our knowledge WHECO is the only organization offering Tier 4 Final re-powers to the Manitowoc 888 Cranes.